“Power Yoga for me is exercise and meditation rolled into one amazing practice. Going through the flows gives me the strength and calmness of mind that I need to get through the day. With Power Yoga, I have learned to be open to new experiences and try things that a few months ago I would have thought impossible. The warm community is my favorite part of Bright Heart Yoga. The instructors at Bright Heart make every class unique. I love the feeling of a good hard workout at the end of every class.”


“My favorite part about Bright Heart Yoga Studio is the community and the positive energy of the place. I really appreciate the support and camaraderie. I look forward to coming to class and being a part of the wonderful community.  The teachers are fantastic as they guided me from being the newbie to being more established and how to continually improve my practice. Additionally, I cannot discount the fantastic feeling I get every time I complete a class. The endorphin hit of a good Bright Heart workout is well worth the effort.”


“I am passionate about practicing power yoga because it makes me feel good both physically and emotionally. After practice, my body feels energized. By practicing daily, I am able to refocus, regulate my thoughts and emotions more easily too. My favorite part about Bright Heart is the community. Each time I step into the studio, I feel welcomed and accepted. I appreciate the tremendous help I receive from the teachers and fellow yogis. I feel like teachers are open to build up both my practice and self-esteem and they always take the time to help the students out.”


“What I love the most about BHYS is the community. All the teachers are very kind, and passionate about teaching and practicing yoga. They teach yoga from their hearts. Since I have been practicing yoga for 2 years at BHYS, I have made friends among the yogis. I love Power Yoga because it allows me to have some quiet time for myself. It lets me focus on myself, the way I am feeling, and the things I can control (like my breathing). I love the heat, makes it worth the crowd, the sweat, the humidity. I leave a different happier person than I went in.”


“I love power yoga because the consistent flow of it helps me to stay present in my mind and body. It’s one hour in my day that I’m successful at quieting my internal monologue. I also love sweating profusely! I love the small community feel at Bright Heart Yoga Studio. Every yogi and instructor seems genuinely happy to be there practicing together.” 


“I am addicted to Power Yoga in this warm, welcoming Bright Heart Yoga studio community. I like Power Yoga because it has all that is needed in strengthening and cleansing mind and body. I find it empowering and meditative to focus on breathing.”



“What I love most about Bright Heart Yoga Studio is the community here. Everyone starts brand new at some point, but if you keep coming back, you’ll be a part of a special crew that shares your love for yoga and the journey it takes you on. Teachers are students, and many of the BHYS students I know have eventually become certified yoga instructors. It’s so cool!”


“Honestly, when you first arrive at the studio, it doesn’t look like much 

But, the great thing about yoga is that really doesn’t matter… it’s you and the mat. And the most important external element, your instructor.

And I’ve been totally impressed with all of the instructors, I get something out of every session. I don’t get hung up about who is teaching a class at the time I can fit it in my varied schedule, because I know I can count on a great experience.

While some people like to take classes with one teacher consistently, for me what I like most about Bright Heart is that each instructor has their own unique style. Different pacing, varied flows, easier days where you can really focus, and harder sessions when you need to steal a minute or 2 in child’s pose just to catch your breath.”