Power Vinyasa

As soon as you hear power vinyasa, you may think, I am not able to do this type of yoga! However, this style of yoga is really meant for every BODY. The core of this practice is linking your breath and movement to each other. The class is heated to a warm and toasty 85 degrees to help you break a sweat and comfortably move into stretches. These classes will challenge you and bring you to your edge so you can progress with your strength and flexibility.

Power Basics

This class moves a little slower than our Power Vinyasa class. We will choose a few poses each class to break down so that you have a better understanding of the proper alignment and begin to know the names of poses. Even if you are a seasoned yogi, you will experience a new understanding of your yoga practice and body. This is also a great option for those coming back from an injury because modifications will be given to adjust the practice to fit YOU!

Power Restore

This class will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. It is heated like all of our other classes at the studio. The first half of class will be dedicated to building heat within in your body. This increase in inner heat will allow you to ease into hip openers, stretching, and restorative poses in the second half of class.