3 Tips to Stick to Your Meditation Practice

Like I was saying in my last post, I sometimes find it difficult to stick to a meditation practice. Just like it’s difficult for me to not eat too much chocolate!!

I will start to get into a routine, where I meditate once a day. I am feeling pretty good about myself being able to stick to my game plan – for like 5 days straight. Then that high kind of wears off and “something comes up,” that takes me off my track. Most of the time when this happens, I beat myself up a lot. I judge myself for not being able to stick to my practice – especially when I am a yoga teacher and preach these things to people.

When I start judging myself, I lose my drive to keep going. Since I am such a perfectionist, when I don’t get things just right, in the past, I would just give up on meditation for a couple of weeks. So, what are my ways to stick to my meditation practice now?

  1. Find an accountability buddy. Mine is my hubby – I tell him when I am going to meditate and if I don’t show up for to it – he will call me out on it. This also works with my chocolate addiction as well ha!
  2. You can meditate anywhere! If I find I am pressed for time in the morning (generally when I meditate) – I will take 5 minutes from my lunch to sit in my car to meditate if I am at my physical therapy job. That 5 minutes can really give me the focus I need for the rest of the day too!
  3. Be committed to yourself. What I mean by this is – if you can’t find 10 minutes in your day for yourself, you may want to re-evaluate how you are using your time. When I re-evaluate how I am using my time – I generally see I can let go of a Netflix episode or that time I spent on Facebook. My meditation practice is the clarity I need to show up fully in my life.

Finally, if you are just struggling to get your meditation on – you can use online guided meditation. There are a lot of free options on youtube or podcasts on Itunes. Here is one from my teacher Baron Baptiste that I love – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTiPIRJzaXo.

This Monday, take your seat and meditate!

Shine On,

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2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Stick to Your Meditation Practice

    • jackie@brightheartyogastudio.com Post author

      I know, Lucy, finding the time is always the hardest part for me too! So glad you enjoyed these tips and happy meditating! – Jackie